Johnny Cashtastrophy (tenaciousg) wrote in top_5,
Johnny Cashtastrophy

4th of july top 5

1. drink home-brew slushies
2. play with fireworks
3. eat hamburgers, hotdogs, and chips
4. listen to some patriotic music
5. drink more home-brew slushies, play with more fireworks.
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1. fireworks
2. illegal rockets
3. driving into the yard to watch the town fireworks
4. wrap oneself in clothing to avoid mosquitos
5. curse about the mosquitos that got through all that clothing
how in the world did i forget about those damn mosquitos??
i have no idea, but the damn things are horrendous up here.
minnesota... well, i'm in south carolina now, and they're not all that bad here, but i was born and lived in wisconsin for 12 years, and they get pretty feral up in those parts.
monster sized. like some horrible b-horror movie.
i'm surprised they've never made a bad MOSQUITO horror flick. hmmmm...
just wait, they will.
i wonder what rap artist will have the starring role.
hopefulyl puff daddy/p. diddy. i'd like to see him sucked dry by giant, poorly made, fake mosquitos.
haha. i think someone sucked all his talent away years ago, if he ever even had any.
they can still suck out his eyes so he has reason to wear those damn sunglasses. he'd probably try to make the cane into a fashion statement.

Deleted comment

aren't you kids going to go to the IMPERIAL for the anti-bill's show???
repeat as needed?

my top five
1.wake up read paper the movie 1776 items that fall under the catagory of "fixin's":coleslaw, potato salad, jello salad
4.partake of processed meats fireworks

rinse, lather, repeat