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top 5 old time 4th memories

1. cherry bombs
2. snakes
3. smoke bombs
4. lady fingers
5. whistling witches
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that would be #6.
1. going to ardy's and seeing the rest of the albrights
2. watching the lake lida fireworks
3. blowing off our own illegal fireworks
4. those snakes leaving a permanent black spot on the sidewalk
5. brian tying firecracks and bottle rockets (with the sticks broken off) together like an idiot
i have an idiot brian too.
does your idiot brian have ADD? or is he just an idiot?
most likely the latter. i mean, we're all prone to bouts of idiocy. some of us just much more frequently than the others.
"some of us" being the brians of the world.
i couldn't have said it better myself.
*bows and waves to crowd*
you still have all of your limbs?
and some extras!
been thrift-store shopping again eh?
of course.

better safe than sorry.
what is the price for an elbow these days?
with or without tennis symptoms?
without. I am on a budget.
i think those run about $5 - $7, sometimes there's a good rebate.
rebates? well heckfire. I will take two of everything.

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i hope there are pictures somewhere documenting this whole saga.

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hahaha. i look forward to it!