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1. guinness
2. newcastle
3. miller high life (the champagne of beers)
4. leinenkugel's red
5. pabst blue ribbon
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a man after my own heart.
it's made in the old country!

where they know how to make beer that can accompany many fine processed meat products.
ahhhh, bratwurst.

yehhaw for bratwurst!
a tasty spicy treat that's fun for the whole family!!!
I had some mighty fine sausage today.
what is it with you and sausages lately??
been eating a lot of meat products. maybe it is boredom.
1. guinness
2. bass
3. amberbock
4. michelob black n tan
5. newcastle
those are some might fine selections. you have the high-brow taste going...

well, i guess amberboch & black n tan aren't so highbrow. we refer to amberboch as the poor man's guinness. strange, it's more like newcastle. or a mix of the 2.

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obviously, we can drink together no problem. i would probably have replaced PBR with mickey's if i hadn't been being an idiot.

Deleted comment

ma'am, there ain't nothin wrong with no schlitz!
1.) Red Hook ESB
2.) Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
3.) Guinness/Bass -Black -n- Tan
4.) Sam Adams Summer brew
5.) Pete's Winter Lager
good choices, but i realize we both forgot Yeung-Ling or however you spell it.
Shit! You're right!
That stuff kicks ass!
damn straight!

crazy jerry and i are lobbying to get it into South Carolina.