One more step and I'll slit your neck (adrianne) wrote in top_5,
One more step and I'll slit your neck

top five places i have left

1-wisconsin-i lived there until i was five. we left to minnesota whetre we could persue bigger and better things. this doesnt make sense unless you are from the miswest.
2-minnesota-i graduated highschool and swore i would leave, and i did. i went to sf following a guy but ended up there in order to find myself. it was wonderful
3-california-the cali trap was great, but i didnt let it suck me in, i was able to escape the land of money and plastic and still be myself.
4-costa rica-i needed to go back home. i was there on a short exchange and i think the reason why it is one of the top five places i have left is that it means i was actualy there in order to leave. i was homesick. i needed to go back and face all the problems i was running away from
5-maryland- i will leave here in a few days and this one seems the most difficult. i am breaking up with a guy i thought i would marry one day. i think that the notion of marriage has died. i am going to my home in minnesota, escaping once again to what i find familiar, this one has a sting to it, and i dont know quite how to describe it yet, but of all of them it feels like the biggest and most most dramatic.
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